[IEECP newsletter] March 2022: resources to understand and mitigate climate change, switch the energy focus and towards more efficiency

The issues the world is currently facing are difficult to understand: we navigate amidst much confusion and sometimes finding the reason why continue to work can appear as a daunting task. Yet it all seems more than just linked – our work to alleviate energy poverty, to provide tools to understand and mitigate climate change, or switch the energy focus, nudging energy consumers towards more efficiency, and the ongoing war.

We have been asked a lot these couple of weeks about IEECP’s position or ideas to tackle the rise in energy costs and prices, how to move away from Russian gas imports, -which we still heavily depend on in Europe-, and what would be some solutions to implement in the short and long run.

We are advocates of energy efficiency first, we think reducing demand/consumption before acting on supply is a prerequisite. Of course, as many organisations and policymakers have suggested, the list of potential actions include behavioural change and more renewables. In all this, we need to protect people, as homeowners, as renters, as workers, against surging energy poverty, and we think one of the best ways to contribute is continue our research work and share the work that we do with partners to produce data and evidence supporting ongoing and future policies. For a better future, we need the right tools and strategies to change and whenever needed, adapt.  

IEECP newsletter is back after a short break, with a lot of insightful resources from our projects, ranging from a video explaining the benefits brought by (bio)energy communities for heating, to many events already in the pipeline for the coming months and various pieces to read, from factsheets to longer detailed reports on key topics: energy poverty, energy efficiency first, adaptation strategies, financing plans for local and regional authorities, and more.

And to conclude on a happier note, we asked our team to share more personal bios, to see who’s behind the projects. Read here bios from the members who have played along with the exercise!

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