[IEECP newsletter] February 2021: nudging consumers to energy efficiency behaviours, e-learning platform for F&B energy efficiency & more

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We are coming at the end of February, and after two months of 2021, the European economy is still struggling with the COVID19 scars yet trying to escape the uncertainty and move on to a recovery phase.

The policy trajectories will determine whether the EU will follow the “green” pathway of the Green Deal, creating a new horizon for creating jobs with clean energy and moving towards energy justice and inclusion, or will lock-in itself once more to fossil fuels, through making use of exceptions to the laws for maintaining them or expanding them further.

The message coming from financing groups, such as the EIB, is clear – funding to fossil fuels cannot be eligible in the future, as we do not have the luxury in terms of time for fighting climate change to use fossil pathways. Nevertheless, several Member States still try to ignore their citizen demands or the agreements made and subsidize fossil fuels (often hidden under various energy and climate policy frameworks), while in parallel they push for including polluting fuels within the EU Green Taxonomy.

The question though is not about what short term interests to serve; policy makers must listen to science (such as the EU Horizon 2020 project outputs you can find in this newsletter) and implement long term solutions for the benefit of all.

The EU Recovery funding streams are a unique opportunity for all Member States to think forward and shape the green energy future – we owe it to the next generation.


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