IEECP annual report 2021

In 2021, the European economy is still struggling with the COVID19 scars yet trying to escape the uncertainty and move on to a recovery phase. 2021 saw political changes, and we were happy to see some measures implemented by the European Commission, such as the proposed revision of the Energy Efficiency Directive strengthening / creating several provisions to fight energy poverty and protect vulnerable consumers.

A new obligation was imposed on Member States to achieve a minimum part of their energy savings target with energy-poor households, vulnerable customers and, where applicable, people living in social housing. The focus of the targets on these groups, as also highlighted by our ENSMOV project, can enhance the role of energy efficiency as key policy to alleviate energy poverty. The policy trajectories that were started need to be confirmed in the next years to ensure the EU will follow the “green” pathway of the Green Deal, allowing for job creation with clean energy and moving towards energy justice and inclusion.

At the time of writing these words, in 2022, a new energy landscape has to be drawn by us all, policymakers, researchers, the industry, NGOs, away from imported fossil fuels. The Russia and Ukraine crisis has led Europe to an energy crisis, worsening the situation for many already struggling to pay their energy bills.
The latest IPCC reports were also released early 2022: policy makers must listen to science and implement long term solutions for the benefit of all. IEECP is happy to provide them research and data through many project outputs, we put the spotlight on some in this report.

The last years have, more than ever, made us aware that there are uncertainties that can change our lives and businesses in an instant. As with every obstacle, there is a way to turn it into an opportunity – during great uncertainty, it becomes ever more important to focus on creating innovative solutions and building an agile community that can easily adapt to change. Now, we are all in this together to shape the green energy future – we owe it to the next generation.

We invite you to join us on the innovative path to a more sustainable future – use our available ideas, research, and findings to improve your policies, businesses, and everyday living.

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