How to get support on energy efficiency policies (EED art. 7)? News from the H2020 ENSMOV project

What is the situation of EEOs & alternative measures in EU?

The Horizon 2020-funded project ENSMOV summarizes the trends in the energy efficiency obligation schemes design and management as well as lessons-learnt, presented in a webinar on May 13: access the webinar recording, presentations, a comprehensive summary and link to the snapshot report.

And save the date: next webinar discussing the issue of MRV energy savings in relation to the fulfilment of article 7 EED obligations and particularly how to design policies with cost minimization for MRV; tools and IT requirements for MRV as well as how to ensure and promote data exchange among ministries, agencies, and other stakeholders through MRV, will be May 28, link soon available!

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