H2020 PROSPECT ends, with much resources for regional and local authorities to finance and implement their SECAPs

After three and a half years of hard work, this is time for the H2020-funded PROSPECT project to end, but not without great successes and achievements to look back at!

Innovative financing is often an option for climate projects, but cities, municipalities and regions need to know how to activate and use it: PROSPECT filled that need allowing 195 participating local and regional authorities to exchange knowledge and experience on how to set up innovative financing schemes to implement their climate and energy measures.

That also meant 164 mentees and 41 mentors from 29 countries.

IEECP has been very grateful to be the scientific leader of such a project, with inspiring cities committing to change, sometimes with few available resources yet incommensurable motivation and a will to participate in the energy transition… We would like to send them a massive thank you and hope to have several opportunities to continue working together: this is for sure just the beginning of the adventure!

PROSPECT partners leave us with many inspiring and enriching resources, all available on the project website: https://h2020prospect.eu

We recommend 2 publications to end 2020 with inspiring reading:

Picture1 prospect

Picture2 prospect

Picture3 prospect

Picture4 prospect

Picture5 prospect

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