October 2022 - Newsletter



IEECP is proud to lead or join in about 20 new projects in these months! You will find news from them in this newsletter, and by the end of the year, on our rebranded website acting as a knowledge hub of information on the topics you can read from below. We are excited by these news and new approaches and hope you’ll like them too!

Get to know some of these projects:

• NECPlatform aims at fostering multi-level governance in six Member States (BG, HR, FR, IT, PT and RO) in the process of updating their NECPs.

• IN-PLAN will develop, test and roll-out a long-lasting support structure enabling local and regional authorities to effectively implement their sustainable energy and climate plans by a) integrating energy and climate planning with spatial planning; b) ensuring commitment at all political levels; and c) matching the included measures with specific dedicated local and regional budget lines.

• EBENTO focuses on energy efficiency building enhancement through performance guarantee tools.

• DIGIBUILD will provide an open, interoperable and cloud-based toolbox to transform current ‘silo’ buildings into digital, interoperable and smarter ones.

• EU-MORE aims at capturing the benefits of accelerating the rate of replacement of old inefficient motors through the development of new policies.

• FORTESIE, to design, demonstrate, validate and replicate innovative renovation packages in the building industry.


Regional and local climate governance

Opinion (REGILIENCE) - Being “creative” about the collaboration for climate resilience.

Webinar recording/Course Registration (ENERGee Watch) - Get information about the 4 energy and climate courses available on November 15th and 16th in Brussels. Register your attendance here.

Event recording (Prospect+) - Enabling capacity building in regional and local authorities to finance and implement effective and efficient sustainable energy plans, at the Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum.


Energy financing and auditing

Article (SENSEI) - Innovative financing for building renovation using Pay-for-Performance.

Open Access Article (SENSEI) - Pay-for-Performance schemes to trigger energy efficiency investments (on page 450).

Tool (SENSEI) - Innovating financial investment in energy efficiency: the P4P e-learning tool.


Energy efficiency policy

Final Report (enefirst)- The final report is available on Putting Energy Efficiency First into practice.

Article (enefirst) - Making the Energy Efficiency First Principle Operational.

All Reports (enefirst) - All public Enefirst reports are available on Zenodo.

Article and video recording (EU ASE Energy Efficiency Day) – Why energy efficiency deserves a front row seat within EU energy policy.

Article (StreamSAVE) - Streamlining energy savings among European countries.

Policy Brief (MICAT) - The conceptual framework of MICAT and its relevance for policymakers.

EUSEW 2022 webinar recording (MICAT & DEESME) - 'The role of multiple benefits in the European green transition’ hosted by the MICAT, DEESME, EERAdata, mbenefits, and Referee projects.


Consumers and communities

Energy poverty handbook (IEECP et al.) – 22 organisations provide practical solutions to combat the impact of spiraling energy prices and overcome energy poverty.

Podcast (NUDGE, SENSEI) - Energy efficiency: the solution to Europe’s energy crisis.

Scientific Paper (ENPOR) - How to improve energy efficiency policies to address energy poverty? Literature and stakeholder insights for private rented housing in Europe.

Article (PARIS REINFORCE) - How behavioural and emotional drivers can lock us into petroleum-intensive mobility and consumption patterns or move us forward toward climate action.

Video reportage (BECoop) - The espresso route to green energy: how coffee waste turns to biomass in Greece.

Video tutorial (BECoop) - Introducing the BECoop Toolkit for developers, operators of community bioenergy & heating projects.

EUSEW 2022 recording (BECoop) - More women in renewables and energy communities: safeguarding an enabling policy framework.

EUSEW 2022 recording and presentations (NUDGE) - Towards energy aware behaviours: how studies on young generations can inform better policy design.



• November 8, Athens, Greece - Paris Reinforce organises the Second national conference “Climate Change, Energy Crisis, and Greece‘s Green Transition"

• November 14, 13.30-14.30, online, ENPOR lunch talk organised with the EPAH and Covenant of Mayors to discuss and share EU municipalities experiences of emergency energy saving measures for a safe winter.

• November 17, 12.30-1.30 CET, online, Join Social Watt webinar“Energy efficiency to tackle energy poverty: what will the EED recast change?”

• StreamSAVE seminars, online:

- November 15, 3-4.30 CET, Feedback and tailored advice for behaviour changes & small-scale RES for heating (incl. DHW)
- November 29, 3-4.30 CET, Accelerated replacement of inefficient electric motors & Modal shift for freight transport –road to rail
- December 9, 10-11.15 CET, Energy efficiency measures (also) alleviating energy poverty

• newTRENDs lunch seminars, online, over lunchtime – 12-1 CET:

- November 3 – Circular Economy
- November 8 - Prosumaging
- November 10 – Shared Economy
- November 15 – Digitalization


The IEECP newsletter gathers news from projects receiving funding from the European Horizon 2020 programme. See all projects IEECP coordinates or participates in.