Launch Event of the EC’s Recommendation and Guidelines on Energy Efficiency First: From principles to practice

The European Green Deal identifies energy efficiency as one of the key solutions across sectors that will help achieve climate neutrality at the lowest possible cost.

While energy efficiency first is not new as a concept, there has been a need to make the principle more operational and to support its practical implementation across different sectors, ranging from the energy supply and distribution to the end-use sectors. With the recommendation on energy efficiency first, the Commission has now issued guidance on how to apply and implement the principle and offering practical solutions.

The event will take place in the afternoon of 28 September 2021 online. It will be opened by the Commissioner for Energy, Ms Kadri Simson, and introduced by Mr Massimo Garribba (tbc), Deputy Director General for DG Energy.

Following the presentation of the recommendation and related guidelines by the Commission, some stakeholders from the various most relevant sectors for the implementation of the principle will illustrate what energy efficiency first means specifically for their sector and how its application could look like.

The event will also launch the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EEFIG) working group on energy efficiency first.

Vlasis Oikonomou from IEECP will join one of the three panel sessions to provide insights on our work around efficiency first.

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