April 26 – From setting up energy communities to making them thrive: what are the tools available?

  • Are you setting up an energy community?
  • Would like to join one but don’t know where to find it?
  • You are part of a community energy initiative and want to find tools to help you develop, manage and grow?

This digital event, organised by 8 projects funded by the European programme H2020 and working on the topic of energy communities, will showcase in an interactive manner all tools they are making available to people setting up / managing/ growing energy communities: citizens, future and existing energy communities, policymakers, other projects / initiatives, RESCoops, etc.

Join EC², BECoop, DECIDE, eCREW, UP-STAIRS, COME RES, NEWCOMERS, W4RES for the full event or only the part that interest you!

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